Monday, June 26, 2017

Elie's Birth Story!!

Photo cred to Sarah Wiseman Photography. Love her!! P.S. this is her very first cry :')
I literally wrote up my entire 40 week bumpdate post for nothing since this little lady decided to arrive on her due date, like who does that?? XD But let's get down to the nitty gritty! Expect some gory details.

Saturday, June 24

I woke up feeling like poop. The baby dropped hard, and my pelvis could really tell. I was incredibly sore doing anything other than lying down. I had maybe 7 contractions all day. I just wasn't feeling too hot. I told Husband before he left for work that there might not be a point in him going in but insisted he go anyway just in case. Around 2100 I ate half my dinner (read the only thing I had to eat until after this baby was born). Around 2300 I started telling myself I should probably go to bed, but I got way too distracted by Zuma and ended up staying up later than anticipated. I kept going to the bathroom after each contraction because for whatever reason contractions made me have to pee.

Sunday, June 25

0148 my water breaks while I'm walking to the bathroom after contraction number 4 in the past 2 hours. I immediately call my midwife to tell her and determine what our course of action should be. She advised going back to bed (little did she know I hadn't been to bed yet). Then I called Husband's work to let him know we were having a baby TODAY. To help pass the time while I waited for him to get home, I called my mom and sister. While on the phone with them, my contractions were really picking up from every 30 minutes to every 3. The intensity was very mild, about a 2 on the pain scale. 0248 Husband gets home and gets our birth pool set up with all the birth supplies in the kitchen ready to go for the midwife.
0308 my contractions start to intensify. I put on a movie and try to stay distracted. By 0405, my contractions were consistently 3 minutes apart but were only lasting 40 seconds which tells us that Elie was busy trying to turn herself around and get into a better birthing position. 0644 I had managed to do some sleeping between contractions, but they were getting stronger. Still just 3 minutes apart and not lasting long enough. I have gotten in the shower three times to try to ease the back labor. My pelvis was in so much pain. When the contractions were in my uterus instead, it was a lot more bearable. I had been losing pieces of my mucus plug all morning and threw up twice. I was so hungry, but I just didn't feel like eating. Even water was hitting my stomach wrong.
1112 the contractions are starting to get bad, about a 4 or 5 on the pain scale. I wake Husband up to microwave a rice sock for me to put on my back. Getting on my knees with pillows under my chest and the sock on my back really helped with the pain. Gravity kept the baby off my pelvis, and the heat helped my pelvis to relax and let Elie move around as she needed to. Eventually, all the weight was too much for my knees, and I had to move, but it felt great while it lasted. I asked Husband to apply counterpressure to my back so I could sleep a little more because I decided that at 1400 I was going to get up and try to eat and drink before birthing this baby.
Bad idea, though, because I woke up at 1357 to contractions that were finally five minutes apart and lasting longer than a minute, but these contractions were no joke. They had two peaks. Right as I thought it was starting to taper off, it would build again. Most of these were lasting 2 minutes, sometimes even three. I hit a 7 on the pain scale, but the midwife was thinking it was still going to be a few more hours. At this point, I lost my composure. I was really concerned that I wasn't going to be able to handle this after all.
1425, the contractions are coming right on top of each other, and I was feeling the need to push. I finally got some bloody show. I'm having a hard time staying calm at this point and was yelling at Husband to get my midwife here now. He started filling up the pool. My midwife said I was probably at a 7 so to help stall labor until she could get here (she lives in Stillwater so it would be about an hour before she could get here), I had my butt up in the air with my chest down to try to use gravity to keep Elie off my cervix so I would stop dilating. I texted the photographer to tell her to go ahead and head this way.
1457 even with my butt up, I was starting to feel like I had to push again so I got in the pool. We had run out of hot water of course so we started boiling water to get it up to my body temp so as not to shock the baby. Luckily we were only off by 4 degrees so it didn't take too many pots of boiled water. The photographer got here around 1520. About 10 minutes later, so did the midwife. She did a quick vitals check and made sure the baby was handling the contractions just fine. All was well. We talked through what to expect and how to move through the next stages of labor. I got the okay to start pushing her down further.
Around 1640, fetal ejection reflex kicked in. Husband was having trouble not passing out so he was elsewhere, but the midwife said we were about to have a baby so I called him into the living room. At this point the contractions were far apart again so I was getting plenty of time to catch my breath between pushes. I had a mirror and actually saw her head even before the midwife did. At the point where she should have crowned and stayed out, she got sucked back in so it looked like the cord was probably wrapped around her neck. After I got her head out a second time, the midwife got the cord unwrapped. Then just a couple more pushes, and I had our baby girl! She was born at 1704.
She started screaming as soon as she came to the surface which really surprised me, but it got her a 9 on the APGAR at one minute old. Her second score was a 10. The placenta took its sweet time exiting my body because I had my legs too close together so it didn't have room to escape.
They are so protective of her already
We went into the living room to do our checks. Baby Girl weighed in at 7 pounds even and 20 inches even. We both looked good, but my blood pressure was on the lower side probably because of how little I had eaten. I had no perineal tearing and no hemorrhoids. I did have a labial split on each side, but those heal so much faster than anything else. Also, we did no perineal prep. No perineal massage. No Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. No Evening Primrose Oil. Nothing. So if you take your time through your birth and go through the journey together with your baby trusting your body, it doesn't have to be a rough experience.

Now that it's all said and done, had I known how close I was to the end of the labor, I would've handled it a lot better. I was just convinced I had so much more to go. All in all, we had about 15 hours of labor, most of which I spent sleeping on and off, followed by 28 minutes of pushing after the fetal ejection reflex kicked in. And I got to have my baby girl in the comfort of my own home in my own way. I didn't have to worry about our dogs who handled meeting Mommy's new puppy very well (I attribute this to them being around at the time of the birth instead of us showing up with a stranger). We do have a chiropractic appointment lined up for little miss Elie, but the midwife says she didn't have a rough journey out so it should be routine. So ya! That's our story :) Feel free to ask me any questions. I'd love to share!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

5 Rules for Visiting My Newborn

So you think you want to come visit our newborn baby? Here are 5 ground rules to keep in mind to make your visit pleasant for all of us!

1. If You Are NOT an Animal Person, Don't Come
This is the ultimate "they live here; you don't." We have 2 dogs who are higher energy, who have been very attached to me throughout the pregnancy, who are very attached to the new baby, who are also both dominant breeds. I do not need to be worrying and/or stressed out about my dogs being outside or super noisy in their crate to accommodate you. Additionally, we have 4 cats. If you have an allergy, please keep that in mind, especially since the whole house is carpeted and one of the cats is long-haired.

2. I WILL Be Breastfeeding. Expect to See Boobies.
Breastfeeding is very important to me. It is a brand new experience for both the baby and me so we are doing our best to learn together. I will be nursing on demand and very likely just wearing a robe and shorts. If seeing boobs being used for their intended purpose bothers you, please wait until after the baby's first growth spurt (around 3 weeks) when we will be nursing less frequently and less likely to need booby juice during your visit.
3. If You Have Recently Been Vaccinated with a Live Virus, Wait 4 Weeks.
Vaccines which use live viruses mean just that: you have been injected with that virus. Recipients of vaccines containing live viruses can shed said virus to others such as newborn babies with brand new immune systems. I have no intention of arguing this point. The CDC has a published study about shedding (yes, the risk is low, still no thank you), and I'm sure Dr. Google has tons more info if you're curious.
4. If You Bring Vegan Food, I Will Love You More
This is by no means required, but I'm the only cook in the house. Walmart has awesome vegan foods in the freezer section (the Neighborhood Market has WAY more) if you don't/can't cook. Boca, Amy's, and Gardein are the three brands they carry. It's not all vegan, so please double check with me or Google. Offering to do things around the house would be super appreciated as well, but again not required.
5.  Don't Overstay Your Welcome
Pregnancy gave me a short fuse, and I am tired. I have just pushed an entire person out of my body, and Elie needs me every few hours so I'm not sleeping much. The dogs still need me, too. If I start dozing off, please don't ask me to stay up and hang out with you. I will be going to nap in my bed with my daughter since I'm the one with the booby juice. If you disagree with our parenting style and choose to comment on how much we hold our baby or refuse to let her cry or otherwise offer unsolicited advice, there's a good chance I will have words for you. Be a decent human and talk about us behind our backs instead so as to preserve our friendship.
And that's that! I truly hope you can understand where we're coming from. If you don't, then I will come see you whenever we're ready to venture out into the world. This period of transition is all about us learning how to be parents in our family of now 9. Patience with us would be awesome. We love you all. Thank you for supporting us through this journey!! <3 xoxo

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bumpdate #32 (39 weeks)

Woohoo! Full term! And I've made it through my first week as a stay-at-home wife. On our way to being a stay-at-home mom. The final countdown is still flying by so to all of you who say this last bit drags on and on, I have no idea what you're talking about. We've added Rebozo sifting to our daily regiment to try to get this baby from the right side to the left, and I feel as much crazy movements after that as I do after the chiropractor!


All your systems are working away. Your digestive tract has the meconium ready for us for when you make your grand entrance. Your vernix and lanugo are mostly gone now, too. You're still adding more fat to your frame, and you're about the size of a small watermelon. Midwife says you're weighing in around 6-6.25 pounds, and you've got a short body. If your legs aren't long like I think they will be, then you're just going to be a tiny nugget.


Period-like cramps have started. I've been having them once a day most days this week. But nothing consistent. And now that I'm not working, the Braxton Hicks have calmed down, too, but I did have one real contraction. Then nothing. My areolas are officially uneven, though. The right one is bigger which makes it look like that boob is smaller, but I'm pretty sure that the boobs are the same size. I am so tired all the time this week. Even little excursions are wiping me out so I'm doing a LOT of sleeping. Gotta get it all in while I still can!

Anyone have any tips for introducing the baby to the dogs? Anyone's mommy instincts get it right on if your baby was coming early or late? What did you miss most about pregnancy after it was over?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bumpdate #31 (38 weeks)

We're here! We're on baby watch! I was born two weeks early as my mom's first baby so we'll see what happens! And today is my last day of work :/ so many mixed emotions about that. As much as I'm glad to have this time to focus exclusively on baby preparation and resting, I'm going to miss the people at work. But hey, so long as everything goes to plan, I can always go back!


You're still considered early term this week, but all systems are go! Your reflexes are in place to get you through the early days while we're both learning together. Your brain is still developing as it will continue to do throughout your life. You're still putting on weight and practicing your breathing, and you've had hiccups less frequently. You're also as big as a leek now! It's crazy to think how many inches of baby are curled up inside my uterus. As much as we were starting to think you were going to come early, I would really prefer you make it to July after all to give us time to work on what we learned about me this week.


I found out at the chiropractor that my pelvis is tilted too far forward which means my bones are blocking this baby from getting into a better birthing position. In addition to our once daily inversions, we're now adding 2-3 times daily pelvic tilts. I have also started paying even more attention to how my pelvis is positioned while standing and doing my best to keep it in a more neutral position. Thanks to all of that and my first ever Webster's adjustment, my lower back and round ligaments have been pretty sore. We see the chiropractor again on Tuesday to check our progress. Fingers crossed for good news! And apparently my blood pressure was a little elevated for a couple days last week because my head wasn't feeling too great. But other than that, the BH have continued everyday with 4 in one day being the most I've had. Heartburn is still calmed down for the most part. Fatigue has definitely set in hard.

Who all had a first baby come early? Anyone have any other tips or tricks from Spinning Babies they'd like to share? Anyone have tips for surviving a long back labor?

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bumpdate #30 (37 weeks)

Today is my baby shower! Woohoo! I know we're cutting it a little close, but it should still be fun. Junky food, friends and family, fun and games. And pedicures with my mommy and sissy tomorrow :)


Depending on which app you look at, you could be considered term today. I like the idea of calling the time from weeks 37-39 "early term" meaning you would most likely be completely fine coming any day now, but hanging out for the extra couple weeks to give your lungs and brain a little more time is totally fine, too! It feels like you're spending more time in the middle and on the left, but you're still not very settled into an anterior position. I'm hoping you'll flip around before I end up having to go through the more painful ordeal of laboring an ROT or LOT baby. But hey, still better than posterior! You're also about as long as swiss chard now, still just growing into yourself. Can't wait to see how much hair you have.


This week I have been feeling very run down. My hips are killing me. If I sleep without a pillow between my knees, I am miserable (chiropractor for the win!). My leg muscles are sore and tight and crampy. I have Braxton Hicks contractions almost everyday. I've had a weird cough. My sleep has been very all over the place, and I've lost motivation. I have had to pee so much more often just from getting punched in the bladder that it's like if I feel even the slightest bit of fullness in my bladder, I'm heading to the bathroom to stay ahead of the baby. All of this is to say I'm starting to think we won't have our July baby after all, and I'm not ready to say good-bye to this chapter. I have been planning on going 41 weeks this whole time, but my always head-down nugget seems to have other plans.

For those who have been following the pictures closely, does it look like I've dropped yet? When did you go on baby watch and start really paying attention to your body for labor signs?

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bumpdate #29 (36 weeks)

The nesting phase has started to set in more or less, but really, knowing we are 2 weeks away from being on baby watch has me wrapping up everything we haven't done yet. I finally started washing diapers which is good. After my baby shower next week I'll hopefully have some clothes to wash so this kid will have something more to wear than just diapers. Work is starting to wear me down so we'll see if I do keep working until I pop, or if I'm going to put in 2 weeks to give myself a real end date. If I get all the nesting nonsense done, it probably won't bother me so much to have my time split like it is.


You're still just putting on the finishing touches and gaining weight. You're up to about the size of a crenshaw melon now! The inversions seem to be really helping because you're starting to spend more time in the center instead of just on the right side which is awesome for me. Your movements are definitely smaller now that there isn't much room left for you, but you're still as active as can be.


Thanks to a dog (cough, cough, Achilles, cough) that has learned how to jump the fence, I have been doing a lot of extra walking around which has started me having quite a few more Braxton Hicks contractions. The heartburn is starting to settle down which is great since my appetite has taken off again. Your proximity has me nervous that we won't get everything ready for you in time, but I am so excited to meet you and see your little face. This is also the week we start perineal massage so that's going to be fun.

Any tips for getting through the last month of pregnancy? Has anyone done perineal massage, Evening Primrose Oil, or the 6 dates a day trick to shorten labor and prevent tearing? How close to your guess date did you keep working?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bumpdate #28 (35 weeks)

Ahhh!!! Time is still just flying by! On the plus side we finally have all the baby furniture put together. Now just to finish organizing the other room, and we'll be good to go! Just over a month left until our guess date. And we finally got our maternity pictures done :) I can't wait to get them back; I'm so excited!


You're still moving around quite frequently throughout the day, and some of your stronger movements are giving me an opportunity to practice relaxing. Your kidneys are fully developed, and your liver can process some waste. Nearly all systems are a go! You're also about as heavy as a honeydew melon and putting on the pounds. If you are born now, chances are that you wouldn't even need to stay in the NICU at all :)


Really not much new for me this week. Still doing what we've been doing. I will say I'm starting to get more tired at work, but I'm also getting more hours lately thanks to it being summertime so it could easily be a combination of both simply working more and carrying around an ever growing baby.

For those of you that had maternity pictures done, are you glad you did? At what point did the final month start to stretch on and on for you? Anyone have a baby still flipping head up to down this close to term?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bumpdate #27 (34 weeks)

OMG! It's getting so close to baby watch time! As much as I really think this baby is going to be late, I can't stop thinking about how I was born 2 weeks early. We could be 4 weeks away from having a baby! And it's our first Mother's Day. What a day.


You definitely scared me making me think you were breech or transverse, but it's just the way you kick, you cause your butt to shove into me at the same time. Which by the way, if you could keep your butt out of my ribcage, that'd be great. Your vernix is getting thicker this week, and your lungs are starting to mature! A couple more weeks until breathing won't be such a questionable act for you to accomplish. You're about as heavy as a cantaloupe now, and your growth has leveled back out again. You're still very much so a right-sided baby with your head almost all the way down into my pelvis, and you've been more active this week than last week.


We finally have stretch marks on the belly! I realize most people would not be excited about this, but I am ecstatic that I have physical proof that a vegan pregnancy is just as normal as an omni pregnancy. My baby is having growth spurts and doing all the right things just like I knew we would. Heartburn is almost a daily struggle now, and I have a second hemorrhoid which sucks. I'm either going to start applying coconut oil or invest in some witch hazel since I'll want it post birth anyway. Or both. It just blows my mind because I poop more pregnant than I ever did before, and I am definitely not constipated so it has to be because of increased blood volume and flow. My blood pressure was slightly elevated at this last visit, but it could've just been an off day. A couple weeks, and we'll know if it's starting to be a more consistent thing.

How many of you did have your first baby early? How many of you still hadn't had your baby shower this far along (like me)? Anyone have any cures for hemorrhoids?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bumpdate #26 (33 weeks)

Not much new this week, just final countdown jitters! I know being nervous is totally acceptable, but it feels weird to be nervous with how much preparation I have done. It's crazy to think how much my life is about to change and how much change has already happened this past year.


This week starts your period of heavy-duty weight gain; we're talking half a pound every week for the next four weeks! You're starting out about the size of a pineapple. I'm excited to see just how big you get when we're all said and done. This week your skeleton is also hardening up (except for your skull which won't fuse for a while after birth). You're still incredibly excited when your dad gets home which as cute as it is, you're getting too big! Mommy has trouble getting comfortable and still being able to breathe when you're squirming all over the place.


My belly has been itchier this past week which considering how much growth we had, that doesn't surprise me at all. The iron pills I've been taking have not constipated me at all thankfully, but they have given me the worst gas! I feel so bad for everyone at work. And with a big ole' baby pushing on my intestines, there just isn't much I can do. Additionally, I had to start drinking an 8-ounce glass of warm lemon water to help balance my pH. Apparently it's not uncommon for vegans to be too alkaline and end up with a screwy vaginal environment. Fun stuff.

What helped you the most with the jitters? Did you go on a babymoon? What helped you the most with transitioning from childfree living to first-time parenthood?

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bumpdate #25 (32 weeks)

Y'all, I really, really like my job. I haven't had the pleasure of working for such amazing and considerate people like this before. It's going to be hard to not go back. Hopefully we can figure something out so I can still work there because of how much I enjoy it. But back to baby stuff! We've got our maternity shoot booked, and it'll be the same photographer for the birth! It's getting so close!!!


You're starting to lose your lanugo which is great! You'll look quite person-like without all that extra fuzz. Your skin and hair are becoming soft and smooth. From here on out, you're mostly just putting on weight and fine-tuning your existing systems. Lungs still need more time for sure, and I think the breathing practice must be getting tricky for you considering how often you have gotten the hiccups lately. Poor baby. You're still very firmly on the right side of my uterus and pretty active, but your kicks and elbows have lost their wallop now that you're running out of room. My fundal height grew 4 centimeters in 2 weeks (holy cow!!!), and your heart rate has mellowed down to around 130. You're about the size of a large jicama now (16.7 inches, over 3 pounds).


The only really new thing with me is I can't spend any time on my back including leaning back while sitting because it causes some serious lower-mid back pain and hinders my breathing. Heartburn has gotten progressively worse and more frequent. Still no stretch marks anywhere aside from my boobs. As this pregnancy progresses and the places where my hip piercings were continue to stretch out, I have realized it's a good thing that they got ripped out before they ended up just falling out XD.

How many growth spurts did your baby have? When did you notice the movements becoming less vicious? Did you have a maternity photo shoot?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bumpdate #24 (31 weeks)

Happy belated birthday to me!  (it was the 21st in case anyone wants to know) It was awesome. My mommy came to town and surprised me by bringing my daddy, too!! We got to do so much catching up and just being together. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend as well :)


You've settled into a more regular sleep pattern. You tend to have pretty consistent active times as well. But my favorite development this week is you recognize Daddy's voice and prefer him over other people around me. When he finally got home from his training, you were so excited to hear him. You wouldn't kick or move around for other people like my mom, but as soon as you hear Daddy again, you start kicking up a storm. Your irises are now able to dilate with light even though you really aren't able to practice that in your dark world. You're about 16 inches long now (about the size of a bunch of asparagus), and you take full advantage of your length by stretching from my left hip to my right lung


I keep forgetting that I have a belly because I really haven't gained any weight anywhere except the three lumps on my front side so I keep bumping into things/people and forgetting that I don't fit through spaces like I used to. I feel so bad for everyone at work because they're usually my victims XD. And I had to take the belly ring out this week since it was starting to get painful. Made it 3/4 of the way through with it!
Other than that, though, not much else new.

For your pregnancy, did you notice that you had more changes in the beginning and baby had more towards the end? When did you have your baby shower? When did your baby start recognizing people other than you?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bumpdate #23 (30 weeks)

70 days. 10 weeks. That's all that's left until our guess date arrives. Baby will probably get here sometime after that, but still. We're in the final stretch! Appointments are every 2 weeks now.


You are so active now, it's blowing my mind. We can see your movements even when I'm standing. Truth be told, I'm a little excited for when you get too big to have as much force behind all those elbows you keep throwing. You're focusing mostly on putting on weight this week. Your eyesight is still progressing, but even by the time you're born, it'll only be 20/400 (I know that pain, mine has been way worse for most of my life). You're about 15.75 inches long and almost 3 pounds now which is about as big as a cabbage!


There really isn't much new with me other than the belly keeps growing. So far, only new stretch marks are still on my boobs which are still leaking through the night. Passed the GD test, though! The only thing that's needing some extra attention is my iron which is very borderline. I haven't been craving ice at all so at least I have avoided that pregnancy craving!

Were you anemic through pregnancy? What did you do (if anything) to correct it? How prepared did you feel when you hit the 3/4 mark?

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bumpdate #22 (29 weeks)

Y'all. I know I've said this before, but seriously. Time is flying. The nesting is starting to kick in. I have a cleaning/organizational project in mind for each week for the next 4 weeks so hopefully the only things I'll have left to do for the last month and a half or so is all labor preparation and collecting birth supplies. We have almost all of the essentials, now just to plump out our diaper and clothing stashes!


You've had the hiccups twice so far! Such a cutie. You have settled on a normal day schedule and do a lot of your sleeping at night when I do. You are so active and using all of your 15+ inches to kick me in the lungs while there's still enough room for you to move around. You're starting to accumulate white fat now in addition to the brown fat you already have so your skin is getting less wrinkly. Your head is getting bigger to make room for more of that rapid brain development you started last week. You're now up to the size of a butternut squash and about the third of your final weight.


I'm up to 155 pounds so I'm at 19-21 pounds up on my pre-pregnancy weight! My boobs are still growing right along with my belly. Energy is still staying pretty consistent even though my sleeping has gotten worse. Now instead of just having trouble staying asleep, I'm having a hard time falling asleep. We're also now at the point that sleeping on my back is unbearable. I used to be able to prop up a little and make it work, but it wrecks my lower back now to even attempt.

Did your baby have the hiccups often? Did that transfer through to life outside the womb? When did the nesting really start for you?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bumpdate #21 (28 weeks)

Third trimester!! OMG!! I was checking my app, and I didn't even realize we had gotten into the double digits. Only 84 days to go!


Your brain is getting more grooves, and your sleep schedule should be getting more regular (even though your sleep cycles are still pretty short). You have a bad habit of waking me up at 4:30 in the morning demanding food, but then of course instead of going back to sleep, you won't stop kicking me with your new burst of energy XD. I'm so ready to see how that's going to play out when you're out of my uterus. Even your little kicks are visible on the outside now when I'm lying down, and you love playing kicking games with Daddy. You're also now the size of a Chinese cabbage (14.8 inches, 2.25 pounds).


The boobies are still leaking pretty much every night. I have yet to leak during the day. My areolas have gotten a little bigger, and I now have stretch marks all over my boobs. And we now have the wonderful leukorrhea so that's been fun. My emotions are still all over the place, and I get heartburn from water.

Now that we have less than 3 months to go, let's go over the old wive's tales one more time!

Morning sickness - so much, GIRL
Moodiness - definitely, GIRL
Heartbeat - 171 bpm settling down to 150, GIRL
Craving - savory foods, BOY
Husband's weight gain - still don't think he gained any, BOY
Acne - yes, GIRL
Clumsier - yes, BOY
Necklace/wedding ring - circles, GIRL
Chinese calendar - GIRL
Mayan gender predictor - odd, odd, GIRL
Baking soda test - almost no fizz, GIRL

Carrying - low, BOY
Sleeping side - right, GIRL

Anyone have new gender guesses? Did the rest of the third trimester fly by for you, or did the last month drag on forever for you? Anyone have a favorite pain management method (hypnobirthing, lamaze, visualization, breathing)?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bumpdate #20 (27 weeks)

Time is flying by! I really feel like it was just yesterday I was writing last week's bumpdate. 3 more weeks, and we'll be 3/4 of the way through! Only real complaint is now that I'm finally really showing instead of in that awkward in between stage, there was a customer at work who told me I look like I'm about to pop. Like, no. Definitely not, crazy lady. And then she got legitimately offended that I did not know the status of my baby's genitalia. People. Blech.


Your immune system is still well on its way which explains why my nose has been dripping so bad, little thief taking all of Mommy's immunity for yourself. You're still practicing "breathing" with your incomplete lungs, but they're still growing, too! You've moved up at the same consistent growth of adding half an inch and a quarter of a pound so now you're the size of a cauliflower! (14.5 inches and 2 pounds)


I'm finally sleeping again which has been awesome. Even the dogs have been cooperating and letting me sleep in when I can. Still waking up covered in booby juice, but I got a wonderful package from my sister full of maternity clothes including a nursing bra with WASHABLE nursing pads. Score!

Did you prefer washable or disposable (pads, wipes, etc.)? I think I'm going to like the crossover nursing style as opposed to the clips, what did you like? Did your partner start to lose interest in the pregnancy phase and anticipate the baby phase, or did your partner stay in the moment the whole time?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bumpdate #19 (26 weeks)

(I apologize for the picture quality. I took this one myself, and I am terrible.) This past week has been a little hectic at work with it being Spring Break here. Yay money! The spare room is very much so becoming Baby's room at this point with the collection we're growing XD Sorry future houseguests! Our next appointment is the gestational diabetes test, then we move up to every two weeks!


Your lungs and brain are well on their way! They say if we shine a bright enough light, you may actually be able to see the change in darkness, but that's a lot of layers of solids and liquids through which that light would have to pass. Your hearing is now getting to where Daddy doesn't necessarily have to talk on the belly or put the music directly on in order for you to hear. You're growing at a pretty steady pace. The midwife was very impressed with our growth this last appointment. You're up to the size of a cucumber now (14 inches and 1.75 pounds)! You're still favoring the right side for the most part, but you decided to be transverse one day which made my tummy look so strange.


This small child is already stealing my sleep. Earlier this week, you pretty much stopped moving. For two. Days. The panic was real. But you started moving again, your heart rate was right on track with where it usually is. All is well. Except I still can't sleep. The longest stretch of sleep I'm getting is maybe 2.5 hours, and I wake up feeling like crap. Midwife says it's quite likely just due to the increase in my blood volume, but I'm ready to crash. I appreciate all the friends who don't ask me to do things right now because I am tied to the couch/bed. Good news, though! I am finally up 19 pounds from prepregnancy weight!! I know you all think you're being sweet by commenting on how small my bump is, but you don't understand the panic of wondering if it is because of abdominal tone/the way the baby is sitting/location of the placenta/etc. etc. or something sinister. Small babies run in our families so if this kid is over 7 pounds, I'll be surprised, but it's still hard not to worry sometimes. What kind of sucks, though, is my left boob is significantly larger than my right and leaks quite a bit after showers (as I am typing this, my right boob started leaking out of nowhere XD, there is no relief).

What are some of your pregnancy horror stories? What's something you got tired of hearing or can't believe was said to you? What was your favorite comment?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bumpdate #18 (25 weeks)

Daylight Savings time is the worst. Between losing an hour there and occasional pregnancy insomnia, sleep got pretty well ruined for me. We should just do away with this Daylight Savings nonsense. But anywho, 5/8 of the way there! Whoo!!


You're becoming more proportional, and you're adding fat under your skin. Your hair is growing and starting to gain texture. You're also now the size of a rutabaga weighing in at 1.5 pounds and 13.5 inches long.


Pregnancy insomnia is usually coming once every other week or so, but it is starting to get more frequent. My uterus is now about the size of a soccer ball. Something I've noticed, though, is on the days when I work and stand most of the day, the baby bump stays pretty well tucked in. On the days when I'm just lazy, the baby bump comes popping out like crazy!

Anyone have tips for the pregnancy insomnia? I've heard some good things about hypnobirthing relaxation techniques helping with sleep, too.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Bumpdate #17 (24 weeks)

Getting closer and closer to the third trimester, and I may have started to panic a little bit about not having all of our stuff together yet. Yes, I know I still have a lot of time, but still. We're getting things checked off the list, but it's still getting nerve wracking!


You've started getting responsive this week! Your favorite things so far seem to be other babies and having shoving matches with me. You're also able to tell right side up from upside down so you better be getting into position! Your respiratory system is starting to do a lot of developing this week, and your lungs are actually practicing moving the amniotic fluid in and out. You're now the size of an ear of corn since you grew an inch and added some weight (up to 12.5 inches long and 1.25 pounds).


I feel like I'm finally larger than I was at my biggest bloating phase back in the first trimester, and now we're mostly baby! Judging by today's picture, it looks like my existing stretch marks are just getting darker because I've always had those ones on my hips. Also, my boobs have been getting sore again so I'm expecting them to go through another growth spurt.

When did you first notice your baby moving in response to some stimuli? How far along were you when you finally had all the essentials together?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bumpdate #16 (23 weeks)

We're finally settling into a new routine now that we've been moved in for almost a month. Collecting baby gear is next on the agenda!


You're moving around everyday now multiple times a day. Some days you're an early bird, and some days you're a night owl so I'm sure you're just testing out all your options to figure out which you like better. The dogs barking should be becoming a familiar sound to you so hopefully they won't be waking you up (fingers crossed!!). Also, your kicks are starting to get some serious oomph behind them now that you're 11 1/2 inches long and just over a pound (about the size of a large mango). So much so that your kicks are visible! Of course, every time I try to record, you stop, but maybe soon I'll be able to catch you on tape ;)


Lately, I've been feeling like my abs don't want to relax or stretch any further. Baby has been bumping into my uterus so much more, it's actually starting to get sore. I'm sure we'll get bigger together, but for now it just feels like all the room is already gone. I have to have smaller meals and smaller breaths, and everything inside is tight. Good news is back pain is starting to diminish. Yay for proper body mechanics! It really seems like every time I start to get used to my bump, it puffs out more overnight. Then the next day, it goes down some. At least Baby is spending less time down in my pelvis and more time exploring.

Anyone have tips for mixing occasionally loud dogs with naptime? When did your baby's movements first become visible?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bumpdate #15 (22 weeks)

There really isn't much new for this week as far as life events goes. We have our house almost completely put together. We just need to get a microwave and start collecting all our baby stuff!


Woohoo! You're a whole pound now, and about the size of a spaghetti squash. Taste buds are forming so you'll start getting to taste your amniotic fluid, and your nerve endings are developed enough to start experiencing touch!! Just as I was going to say you're really hurting Daddy's feelings by not kicking when its his hand instead of mine, he finally got to feel some of your antics last night when you were hyper. The only thing that could have made you hyper was the PB&J I ate because that was the last thing haha. I guess you're going to make good snack choices when you're out :)


I can see baby in belly now. I'm sure to strangers I am still in the awkward in between stage of "maybe she's pregnant, but maybe she's fat," but I can definitely tell. Baby kicked so hard last night it scared me out of my yawn XD. Boobs got bigger again. My areolas are back to their normal color, but my nipples are still puffed up. Crazy pregnancy dreams have been continuing. And to top it all off, I got heartburn from a PB&J (yes, the same one that made Rainbow hyper).

What are some of the foods that gave you heartburn? When did you really pop? Until next week!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bumpdate #14 (21 weeks)

I have officially started up at my job which is a job I had years before. What's funny is it was my last job I had in this town before I left for college, and now it's my first since being back. Isn't that crazy how the world works sometimes? We had another appointment with the midwife. Measuring right on track. Heart beat was a solid 150 again so you're staying consistent. You also don't seem to like the doppler because you kept kicking at it.


Your digestive system is coming together. Soon you'll start practicing swallowing amniotic fluid so you should be able to start tasting some of the foods I'm eating. Like bananas of which you are now the size, and you're almost a whole pound! You're going to be doing a lot of growing each week from here on out. You're also starting to respond to us. I can talk to you, and you'll move more. You seem to know when it's me versus daddy poking at you because you always stop kicking when it's him. If I poke at you, you jab me back. Already showing signs of sass so you're definitely your mother's child XD poor Husband. He's going to have his hands full.


I've noticed I get overheated really easily which is crazy because it's February and not that hot yet. Depending on the day, it's even cold. I've started having to watch and make sure that I've eaten pretty recently if I have any kind of exertion planned. Either you don't really care for me standing all day, or my abdominal tone is greater than I thought it was, and I can't feel you moving unless I'm seated/lying down and relaxed.

Have you noticed any traits from your baby's time in utero that carried through to after birth? Are the night owls still night owls outside the oven? How far along were you when your partner and/or other people were able to feel the baby moving? How far along before others could hear the heartbeat by just putting their ear to your belly?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bumpdate #13 (20 weeks)

OMG OMG OMG!! I can't believe it! Halfway there! This is such a surreal feeling. Especially since with all the moving and getting settled nonsense we really haven't started planning overly much for Baby. But hey, we still have 20 weeks that we can use as baby time.


Wednesday (19w3d) we had the biggest kick fest we've had so far! You were moving around every few minutes. Then I started thinking to you (Daddy and the dogs were sleeping, and I didn't want to be loud and have to get out of bed), and then you started rolling over and kicking off of my uterus. It was minutes of solid movement. But the coolest part about this week is you have grown 2 ounces and half an inch so now you're the size of a small cantaloupe. You're going to start growing pretty noticeably from here on out. Additionally, you've started making meconium which just shows that your digestive system is right on track, and your skin is covered in vernix to keep you safe!


My ligaments have been doing a stellar job of loosening up. So much so that the other day, my hip felt just slightly out of alignment and was absolutely killing me. Standing was not my friend for about an hour. My appetite has picked up like nobody's business so hopefully I can start putting on weight. I used to think I ate a lot, but now I eat a lot and all the time. Which seems to also have brought on terrible gas. I'm really hoping that yesterday's newest symptom (insomnia) is as fleeting as that one day of dizziness because I really like sleep. Sleep is great, and there's not a whole lot of it in my future.

Last little thing, I have my baby registry pretty well done! However, if you know the things on the list can be bought cheaper through somewhere else, by all means, save money. You are all awesome for supporting us through this journey. What do you think, did I leave out any essentials? When did the kicks and movements start getting more consistent for you? What helps you the most with back pain?

Monday, January 30, 2017

Bumpdate #12 (19 weeks)

Woohoo! Things are finally all coming together for us. We move into a place of our own in a couple days. I am so glad that everything is looking up. It alleviates so much of my stress. Now if I could just find a job for me, then everything would be done.


This week is definitely brain week for you. Your brain has started to develop specialized zones for all five senses, and your motor neurons are making so many more connections. Bring on the conscious movements! Maybe now you'll start jumping around for foods that make sense instead of yawning for juice and getting excited about vegetables XD. You're also officially half a pound now and the size of a heirloom tomato!


I have finally come to terms with the fact that pregnancy makes my hair dry and gross. I really thought it was just that Colorado climate, but now that it has been a month since we've been there and my hair still looks like straw, it's definitely just pregnancy. Exhaustion still comes and goes. Nausea has been making an appearance again, but no throwing up recently. With my boobs being visibly uneven, I'm probably going to be asking the midwife about breast pump shields to try to figure out what sizes to get for each boob. Also, I really don't look pregnant at all. Still just look like I ate too much at Christmas and haven't stopped being bloated. I just want to be able to plan for my maternity pictures!

Anyone have any tips for home hair treatments? When did you start showing with your first? What are some of the foods that you remember your LO getting excited for in utero? And did he/she still like that food out in the world?

Friday, January 27, 2017

What I Eat In A Day (Vegan Pregnancy Edition)

I'm sure everyone is wondering one of those age old questions we vegans get frequently, "But where do you get your protein??" And in answer, pre-pregnancy, that wasn't a concern at all. My midwife told me that pregnant women need 75-100 grams of protein everyday, though, and no lie, that was scary to me. The high end of that is almost double my normal protein intake. Luckily, she said getting 75 grams a day is fine, so that has been my goal. I have since taken a week to track my protein intake, and it actually hasn't been as daunting as I thought it would be!

I tracked from January 18-25, and my numbers were 85g, 75g, 91.5g, 83g, 77g, 77g, 75g, and 98g. So I'm averaging about 82.5 grams a day. On to a million food pics to explain how I did it!

For breakfast, I usually have this smoothie: one cup of soy milk (8g), one banana (1g), two tablespoons of peanut butter (7g), sevenish frozen strawberries (0g), and one scoop of protein powder (20g). Sometimes I'll also add in flax or chia seeds which can add another 3-5g, but normally, this smoothie has me at 36g of protein! If I want a hot breakfast instead, I'll do oatmeal: 3/4 a cup of oats (7g), a cup of soy milk (8g), two tablespoons of peanut butter (7g), two tablespoons of whole flax seed (4g), and two tablespoons of chocolate chips (2g). Plus a banana which has 1g. That gives me 29g. One thing to look out for if you are going to be using a protein powder is if you are also taking a prenatal vitamin, you need to pick a protein with very little vitamin A. You don't want to get too much as it causes birth defects.

Yay, no vitamin A!
I've tried chocolate and vanilla. They're both fantastic.
I pretty much do the same types of meals for lunch and dinner. Almost always I have a home cooked meal/leftovers for one and then a fake meat meal for the other. I didn't really crave fake meats much pre-pregnancy, but I have definitely been craving them a lot now which is what really helps me meet my protein goals. If you follow me on Instagram, these may look familiar. For the nachos: chips (8g), Minimalist Baker's queso (7g), black beans (10g), sauteed green bell peppers and red onions (2g), guacamole (.5g), and salsa (1.5g). For eggplant marinara: pasta (16g), marinara sauce (4g), beefy crumbles (13g), eggplant (1g), and green beans (1g). For cheesy pasta: pasta (16g), soy milk (2g), and nooch (8g). I have also made this pasta with Gardein chick'n strips which would add another 14g. I love the Boca burgers. I eat two at a time. My favorite way to eat them is with Just Mayo, ketchup, mustard (I know, I love condiments), spinach, bread and butter pickles, tomatoes, red onion, and avocado. For the burgers: patties (26g), buns (8g), and all the toppings (2g). Lastly, something I love to get as a treat is those Gardein pizza pockets. I eat two at a time so it's not the cheapest, but they are so delicious! Only 18g of protein for two, though.



When it comes to snacking, I didn't really start being hungry enough to snack until this week. I really love sweets. It's kind of a problem. But I try to limit all my fruit intake to breakfast since I'm only supposed to be having 1-2 servings of fruit through this pregnancy. Instead, I try to make different snacks like cinnamon toast (6g), or I'll eat a bagel (8g) or bowl of cereal: two cups of cereal (12g), one cup of soy milk (8g). For the cinnamon toast and the bagel, if I know I've had a low protein day, I'll beef them up a little by adding peanut butter which adds 7g making them 13g and 15g respectively. Occasionally, I'll snack on chips and salsa (5g) or hummus and crackers/veggies (5-8g). (Neither of those are pictured)
6g as pictured
8g as pictured
And that's that! Some days I do better than others, but so long as I'm averaging where I need to be, I'm not worried. What are your favorite go-to snacks? Any one else tackled a tricky diet through pregnancy? Any other vegans out there got some yummy recommendations?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bumpdate #11 (18 weeks)

I started tracking my protein intake this week. I'll be releasing a "What I Eat" post sometime this week to show what diet in a vegan pregnancy can look like. Also got my blood work results back from the midwife. The only nutrient I am truly lacking is Vitamin D (my level was at 6 when it should be over 30). It's just too cold for me to hang out outside so I'm going to have to start supplementing. On to the good stuff!


Sweet potato baby! You're getting so big! And your bones are getting much more solid so we'll definitely start feeling more of you. What's the coolest thing for you this week is your inner ear bones are solidifying, too! Daddy's got all kinds of stories to tell you, Little One.


The biggest news I have for you all is I started lactating last night (17w6d)! Blew my own mind. I had no idea FTMs who are not around crying babies could lactate this early. Starting to feel flutters and taps most days now. My dreams are getting more insane, but they're making me even more excited and protective of this baby.

For all the mommies, when did you start lactating? When did you feel your first flutters? First kicks?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Daddies Matter, Too!

Yes, my last name is spelled wrong XD
I don't know how or why I got so lucky, or if I should even consider it luck, but my husband is one of those guys who actually goes to all the appointments and has a vested interest in the pregnancy, not just what comes out after it's all pretty and fun. Let me just say, it has been amazing. I couldn't imagine having a hands-off partner. Of course there are situations when someone might have to do it alone (military anyone?), but if you have the opportunity, having a partner with whom you can share as much of the journey as fits your needs and lifestyle makes the whole experience that much sweeter.

If you read Bumpdate #10, you know we had an appointment on Monday. It was an elective ultrasound since Husband didn't want to be Team Green with me. He promises to keep it a secret from me so we can both have what we want. Which is another thing for which I'm unbelievably grateful, support no matter our difference of opinion. But that's a post for another time. Back to the story, we go to this ultrasound place, baby is being difficult (already taking after me XD), and he was so elated. When I had my eyes covered to make sure I didn't see anything by mistake, he was letting me know about yawns and stretches. The whole ultrasound was more for him than me, and he definitely got a lot out of it.

We both know that the actual birth is going to be a little tricky for him since it's going to be a home water birth, but encourage your partners to be involved in the ways that mean the most to you. For me, that's going to appointments together and trying to go through as much of this whole process together. Maybe you would rather do the baby shopping with your mommy friends to get the best advice, or you want your aunt to be labor support. Whatever works best for you, go for it! Just make sure that you aren't leaving out your partner even though a lot of growing a baby is going to be about you.

What ways have you included your partner? What are some of your favorite moments of watching your partner embrace parenthood? Any fun (or not so fun) compromises you've had to make?

Bumpdate #10 (17 weeks)

Ugh everytime I start to get really excited about what all is going on in my uterus, I have a panic about some aspect of it, and the excitement goes away. But this happens a couple days before each appointment so since we have one tomorrow, that's really to be expected. I guess I'm just preparing for the worst in case we get bad news. But anywho, onward!


You've grown to be the size of an onion, and you're learning so much this week. You've mastered sucking, blinking, and swallowing! They say you can start having hiccups this week, but who knows when I'll be able to notice that. You've started accumulating fat under your skin so you're going to look fabulous at our ultrasound tomorrow.


I started out the week with heartburn everyday and ended with headaches and a surprise bout of morning sickness. I've definitely noticed that the bloating I had around weeks 10 and 11 has gone down, and I haven't noticed gravity having as profound an effect on my bump as it did in the earlier weeks. Felt an actual kick 2 days ago instead of just heaviness and a moving sensation.

What is the one thing that you couldn't live without? I want to make sure I've got the essentials on my registry. Also, anyone have a breast pump they absolutely love? We're going to be changing insurances soon, so I'm not sure which one will be covered. Or if the new insurance will cover one at all. I've heard great things about Medela and Spectra S2.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bumpdate #9 (16 weeks)

As much as the interview with our midwife went well, she ended up filling the spot before we got all the details worked out. I was so stressed out thinking I was going to have to have a hospital birth (some people absolutely loved their hospital births, it just isn't for me) until I stumbled across the one other midwife who serves our area and was available. And she is AH-MAY-ZING!! Ladies near Stillwater, Oklahoma, I very highly recommend Cathy Morton to be your midwife. She is so low-key and relaxing to be around, very knowledgeable, and extra crunchy ;) She even brought a doppler to our interview so we could check on baby after 6 weeks of nothing even though we weren't her clients at the time. We're measuring closer to 18 weeks (I knew you were a fast grower), and heartbeat was at 149-152 bpm. But I keep having dreams that when we go in for our 20 week scan, the baby's legs are splayed wide open, and I can't help but see the gender. I want to be Team Green so badly!!!!


Calcium is starting to deposit into your bones so your limbs are becoming more elongated and defined as a real skeleton! You're getting more body to practice and refine those motor skills. And you're now the size of my favorite overt fat, an avocado!


Found a new pregnancy symptom: lightheadedness. That was a fun couple hours. Thankfully that only happened one day. I really don't feel very pregnant anymore. All symptoms have vanished after that bout of lightheadedness. But hey, heartbeat was strong, so I guess it's time to bask in that second trimester glory.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bumpdate #8 (15 weeks)

Holy hormones! This week has been crazy for me. I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve. We stayed up playing Nuts with another married couple. The wife is pregnant, too, so we were in the same no alcohol boat together. It was a blast. No resolutions for me. I do better with gradual life change than trying to do something all at once and getting burned out on it. But if anyone needs an accountability partner for their resolutions, let me know!


You're the size of a navel orange now! Holy cow, look at you grow! You're also starting to work on growing the rest of your head hair and your lanugo. Hopefully you come out with as much hair as I did *fingers crossed*. Your skin is still translucent and thin so your blood vessels would actually be visible if we could see you. You're also working on those motor skills even more, and you may even have started sucking your thumb!


I have been emotional like no one's business this week. My belly button is starting to stick out which is going to look pretty interesting with my belly ring as we continue to grow! Additionally, I can really feel my uterus now, no maybe's. It's a crazy feeling, but I guess I've been feeling like they're all crazy feelings this week XD

That's all for now! What did you do for New Year's Eve? Do you have any resolutions you want to share?