Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bumpdate #16 (23 weeks)

We're finally settling into a new routine now that we've been moved in for almost a month. Collecting baby gear is next on the agenda!


You're moving around everyday now multiple times a day. Some days you're an early bird, and some days you're a night owl so I'm sure you're just testing out all your options to figure out which you like better. The dogs barking should be becoming a familiar sound to you so hopefully they won't be waking you up (fingers crossed!!). Also, your kicks are starting to get some serious oomph behind them now that you're 11 1/2 inches long and just over a pound (about the size of a large mango). So much so that your kicks are visible! Of course, every time I try to record, you stop, but maybe soon I'll be able to catch you on tape ;)


Lately, I've been feeling like my abs don't want to relax or stretch any further. Baby has been bumping into my uterus so much more, it's actually starting to get sore. I'm sure we'll get bigger together, but for now it just feels like all the room is already gone. I have to have smaller meals and smaller breaths, and everything inside is tight. Good news is back pain is starting to diminish. Yay for proper body mechanics! It really seems like every time I start to get used to my bump, it puffs out more overnight. Then the next day, it goes down some. At least Baby is spending less time down in my pelvis and more time exploring.

Anyone have tips for mixing occasionally loud dogs with naptime? When did your baby's movements first become visible?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bumpdate #15 (22 weeks)

There really isn't much new for this week as far as life events goes. We have our house almost completely put together. We just need to get a microwave and start collecting all our baby stuff!


Woohoo! You're a whole pound now, and about the size of a spaghetti squash. Taste buds are forming so you'll start getting to taste your amniotic fluid, and your nerve endings are developed enough to start experiencing touch!! Just as I was going to say you're really hurting Daddy's feelings by not kicking when its his hand instead of mine, he finally got to feel some of your antics last night when you were hyper. The only thing that could have made you hyper was the PB&J I ate because that was the last thing haha. I guess you're going to make good snack choices when you're out :)


I can see baby in belly now. I'm sure to strangers I am still in the awkward in between stage of "maybe she's pregnant, but maybe she's fat," but I can definitely tell. Baby kicked so hard last night it scared me out of my yawn XD. Boobs got bigger again. My areolas are back to their normal color, but my nipples are still puffed up. Crazy pregnancy dreams have been continuing. And to top it all off, I got heartburn from a PB&J (yes, the same one that made Rainbow hyper).

What are some of the foods that gave you heartburn? When did you really pop? Until next week!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bumpdate #14 (21 weeks)

I have officially started up at my job which is a job I had years before. What's funny is it was my last job I had in this town before I left for college, and now it's my first since being back. Isn't that crazy how the world works sometimes? We had another appointment with the midwife. Measuring right on track. Heart beat was a solid 150 again so you're staying consistent. You also don't seem to like the doppler because you kept kicking at it.


Your digestive system is coming together. Soon you'll start practicing swallowing amniotic fluid so you should be able to start tasting some of the foods I'm eating. Like bananas of which you are now the size, and you're almost a whole pound! You're going to be doing a lot of growing each week from here on out. You're also starting to respond to us. I can talk to you, and you'll move more. You seem to know when it's me versus daddy poking at you because you always stop kicking when it's him. If I poke at you, you jab me back. Already showing signs of sass so you're definitely your mother's child XD poor Husband. He's going to have his hands full.


I've noticed I get overheated really easily which is crazy because it's February and not that hot yet. Depending on the day, it's even cold. I've started having to watch and make sure that I've eaten pretty recently if I have any kind of exertion planned. Either you don't really care for me standing all day, or my abdominal tone is greater than I thought it was, and I can't feel you moving unless I'm seated/lying down and relaxed.

Have you noticed any traits from your baby's time in utero that carried through to after birth? Are the night owls still night owls outside the oven? How far along were you when your partner and/or other people were able to feel the baby moving? How far along before others could hear the heartbeat by just putting their ear to your belly?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bumpdate #13 (20 weeks)

OMG OMG OMG!! I can't believe it! Halfway there! This is such a surreal feeling. Especially since with all the moving and getting settled nonsense we really haven't started planning overly much for Baby. But hey, we still have 20 weeks that we can use as baby time.


Wednesday (19w3d) we had the biggest kick fest we've had so far! You were moving around every few minutes. Then I started thinking to you (Daddy and the dogs were sleeping, and I didn't want to be loud and have to get out of bed), and then you started rolling over and kicking off of my uterus. It was minutes of solid movement. But the coolest part about this week is you have grown 2 ounces and half an inch so now you're the size of a small cantaloupe. You're going to start growing pretty noticeably from here on out. Additionally, you've started making meconium which just shows that your digestive system is right on track, and your skin is covered in vernix to keep you safe!


My ligaments have been doing a stellar job of loosening up. So much so that the other day, my hip felt just slightly out of alignment and was absolutely killing me. Standing was not my friend for about an hour. My appetite has picked up like nobody's business so hopefully I can start putting on weight. I used to think I ate a lot, but now I eat a lot and all the time. Which seems to also have brought on terrible gas. I'm really hoping that yesterday's newest symptom (insomnia) is as fleeting as that one day of dizziness because I really like sleep. Sleep is great, and there's not a whole lot of it in my future.

Last little thing, I have my baby registry pretty well done! However, if you know the things on the list can be bought cheaper through somewhere else, by all means, save money. You are all awesome for supporting us through this journey. What do you think, did I leave out any essentials? When did the kicks and movements start getting more consistent for you? What helps you the most with back pain?