Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bumpdate #20 (27 weeks)

Time is flying by! I really feel like it was just yesterday I was writing last week's bumpdate. 3 more weeks, and we'll be 3/4 of the way through! Only real complaint is now that I'm finally really showing instead of in that awkward in between stage, there was a customer at work who told me I look like I'm about to pop. Like, no. Definitely not, crazy lady. And then she got legitimately offended that I did not know the status of my baby's genitalia. People. Blech.


Your immune system is still well on its way which explains why my nose has been dripping so bad, little thief taking all of Mommy's immunity for yourself. You're still practicing "breathing" with your incomplete lungs, but they're still growing, too! You've moved up at the same consistent growth of adding half an inch and a quarter of a pound so now you're the size of a cauliflower! (14.5 inches and 2 pounds)


I'm finally sleeping again which has been awesome. Even the dogs have been cooperating and letting me sleep in when I can. Still waking up covered in booby juice, but I got a wonderful package from my sister full of maternity clothes including a nursing bra with WASHABLE nursing pads. Score!

Did you prefer washable or disposable (pads, wipes, etc.)? I think I'm going to like the crossover nursing style as opposed to the clips, what did you like? Did your partner start to lose interest in the pregnancy phase and anticipate the baby phase, or did your partner stay in the moment the whole time?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bumpdate #19 (26 weeks)

(I apologize for the picture quality. I took this one myself, and I am terrible.) This past week has been a little hectic at work with it being Spring Break here. Yay money! The spare room is very much so becoming Baby's room at this point with the collection we're growing XD Sorry future houseguests! Our next appointment is the gestational diabetes test, then we move up to every two weeks!


Your lungs and brain are well on their way! They say if we shine a bright enough light, you may actually be able to see the change in darkness, but that's a lot of layers of solids and liquids through which that light would have to pass. Your hearing is now getting to where Daddy doesn't necessarily have to talk on the belly or put the music directly on in order for you to hear. You're growing at a pretty steady pace. The midwife was very impressed with our growth this last appointment. You're up to the size of a cucumber now (14 inches and 1.75 pounds)! You're still favoring the right side for the most part, but you decided to be transverse one day which made my tummy look so strange.


This small child is already stealing my sleep. Earlier this week, you pretty much stopped moving. For two. Days. The panic was real. But you started moving again, your heart rate was right on track with where it usually is. All is well. Except I still can't sleep. The longest stretch of sleep I'm getting is maybe 2.5 hours, and I wake up feeling like crap. Midwife says it's quite likely just due to the increase in my blood volume, but I'm ready to crash. I appreciate all the friends who don't ask me to do things right now because I am tied to the couch/bed. Good news, though! I am finally up 19 pounds from prepregnancy weight!! I know you all think you're being sweet by commenting on how small my bump is, but you don't understand the panic of wondering if it is because of abdominal tone/the way the baby is sitting/location of the placenta/etc. etc. or something sinister. Small babies run in our families so if this kid is over 7 pounds, I'll be surprised, but it's still hard not to worry sometimes. What kind of sucks, though, is my left boob is significantly larger than my right and leaks quite a bit after showers (as I am typing this, my right boob started leaking out of nowhere XD, there is no relief).

What are some of your pregnancy horror stories? What's something you got tired of hearing or can't believe was said to you? What was your favorite comment?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bumpdate #18 (25 weeks)

Daylight Savings time is the worst. Between losing an hour there and occasional pregnancy insomnia, sleep got pretty well ruined for me. We should just do away with this Daylight Savings nonsense. But anywho, 5/8 of the way there! Whoo!!


You're becoming more proportional, and you're adding fat under your skin. Your hair is growing and starting to gain texture. You're also now the size of a rutabaga weighing in at 1.5 pounds and 13.5 inches long.


Pregnancy insomnia is usually coming once every other week or so, but it is starting to get more frequent. My uterus is now about the size of a soccer ball. Something I've noticed, though, is on the days when I work and stand most of the day, the baby bump stays pretty well tucked in. On the days when I'm just lazy, the baby bump comes popping out like crazy!

Anyone have tips for the pregnancy insomnia? I've heard some good things about hypnobirthing relaxation techniques helping with sleep, too.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Bumpdate #17 (24 weeks)

Getting closer and closer to the third trimester, and I may have started to panic a little bit about not having all of our stuff together yet. Yes, I know I still have a lot of time, but still. We're getting things checked off the list, but it's still getting nerve wracking!


You've started getting responsive this week! Your favorite things so far seem to be other babies and having shoving matches with me. You're also able to tell right side up from upside down so you better be getting into position! Your respiratory system is starting to do a lot of developing this week, and your lungs are actually practicing moving the amniotic fluid in and out. You're now the size of an ear of corn since you grew an inch and added some weight (up to 12.5 inches long and 1.25 pounds).


I feel like I'm finally larger than I was at my biggest bloating phase back in the first trimester, and now we're mostly baby! Judging by today's picture, it looks like my existing stretch marks are just getting darker because I've always had those ones on my hips. Also, my boobs have been getting sore again so I'm expecting them to go through another growth spurt.

When did you first notice your baby moving in response to some stimuli? How far along were you when you finally had all the essentials together?