Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break!!!!

*Insert excited sorority girl scream here* You guys!! OMG guess what!! My sissy is coming to visit me!!!!!!! I cannot wait :D. I haven't seen her since my wedding ceremony in December, and we have so much catching up to do! Her plane is getting here tomorrow morning bright and early, but I'm so excited I doubt I'll be sleeping much. It'll be like a nearly week-long slumber party from our childhood but better because we don't have to whisper.

One good thing about Husband being stationed so close to the beach is we can totally go to the beach. You may not believe this, but I actually haven't been to the beach here yet. I went up to Top Sail back in September, but I haven't been to Onslow Beach. Roger and I meant to go quite a few weekends, but then he bought me Sims 4 and that all went out the window. I'll be dragging my sister along for sure which is pretty much the exact opposite of how we spent Spring Break the past few years.

Where my dad moved to in Colorado is where we used to vacation every winter so the ski resort is only thirty minutes from home, and they get an incredible amount of snow. I finally decided to take up snowboarding so Alex (my sister) has been trying to give me pointers and help me get halfway decent. I still just barely manage to stand up so that's been a bust, but I am pro at the beach. So long as I have my sunscreen that is. I burn faster than grease on a fire.

Other than pigging out on my homecooked goodies (both of us are health nuts, it must run in the family ;) ) and going to the beach, sharing stories and secrets is probably all we'll need to stay perfectly busy. Besides, there are a few people here she has to meet, and part of my master plan is getting her to help me finally send out my thank you cards for all the wedding gifts I received. Devious, I know.

Spring Break doesn't exist out in the real world, so what do you do to blow off steam after the long winter is over? If anyone plants tulips, please put pictures in the comments. I miss my mom's garden from years ago. I'll try to give you all an update on Wednesday of our antics but no promises. Toodles!