Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Goals '15

I failed. I failed on almost all of my goals for May. We have been making progress on the house hunting front, and I have written about it a little, but everything else either didn't happen or stayed about the same.

What's weird though is I am still seeing more interaction nonetheless so thank you all so much for helping this blog to grow to more people :) Since setting goals hasn't been working out too well, I'm just going to give a little bit of a life update with a general direction of where I want to go next.

House hunting is going. We should be making an offer sometime next week and getting that process started. The dogs are still annoying each other per usual. The cat has figured out how to open the freezer and zippers. I've fallen out of my fitness routine thanks to all the changes at work with getting trained for a new position. AND I have actually been clued in to another job opportunity on my horizon. As I get more information on where I stand with it, I'll let you all know more. All I'm willing to say for now is I'm super excited for it, and I have incredibly high hopes due to who recommended me.

Where I want to go next....Let's see. I'd like to see this blog continue on its path to more interaction. I'm definitely getting better about taking time to be more active myself when I get home from work and everyone but Alma is sleeping. I would love to close on a house and scout out some great furniture (we don't own any furniture aside from an office chair). But more than anything, I can't wait to have a backyard for the dogs and to start my own garden projects. It's looking like we're going to be getting into a house that we are going to get to personalize with various projects so expect to see some more DIY in the future.

But that's enough for now before my big dreams start taking off down the rabbit hole faster than I can type them out. Is anyone else bad about goals like I am? What new and exciting undertakings do you all have coming up?