Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What's Up With Female Nipples?

There are two movements going on that I'd like to discuss today: breastfeeding in public and "Free the Nipple." Now in my mind, these two are one in the same and really all just segments of an even bigger movement. FREETHENIPPLE on Instagram has some incredibly poignant pictures and quotes regarding the Women's Rights Movement, and nearly all of the pictures on this post you can find there. I am not advertising for the movie (I haven't even seen the movie), but I would like to say I am advocating for something that is near and dear to me: women.

Free the Nipple, breasts, equality
What's the inherent issue with breastfeeding in public? Indecency, exposure, corrupting youth with "pornographic" visuals. Because feeding a hungry child is indecent. Because nipples are always sexual. I don't see anyone throwing shade at men's nipples. What about if you're transgender? Are those nipples then male or female? Does it really even matter?
nipple, censored, uncensored

Going off the idea that the sexualization of the nipple is why breastfeeding in public is bad, that in my mind shows the link between Free the Nipple and breastfeeding. Sexualization of a part of the body that doesn't have to be is what's causing the problem. Butts are everywhere because they don't have to be sexualized. They can be if the situation calls for it, but you can plaster those things all over Facebook without any issues. But if you dare to put a FEMALE nipple up? You've called down the wrath of the Facebook police. How ridiculous and sexist is that?
Free the Nipple, 9, doesn't make sense
 Women are taught to be ashamed of our bodies from day one. Dress codes that only apply to girls anyone? Or only certain girls? For example, I wore shorts to work one day. I was asked to go home because my shorts were too short. Next day, several other girls are wearing shorts, some shorter than mine were. No one was asked to go home. Why should I have been punished? It gets hot. Sorry I didn't feel like shaving that day. Or maybe my legs were too white. I don't know.

Men's nipples were actually still considered shameful until about 80 years ago. Men, whose nipples don't feed children, can be out in the open, but we can't flash a nip whether for feeding or because we're at the beach. Why are we still stuck in the 20th century with female nipples?

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Let's get some equality going on for us. Let's all be people instead of just our genitalia. Let's all be worthwhile and respected simply because we are living organisms. Let's be just as safe as the next person because we're all people. Let's get the women's rights movement going strong again instead of continuing to stagnate.

What's your opinion on "Free the Nipple"? What's your opinion on breastfeeding in public? What do you think it will take to finally get true and complete equality across the gender spectrum?