Sunday, August 2, 2015

How Romance Can Look

(this is one of the only pictures from the day we got married)
The rom-com genre is amazing at giving us stories filled with warm fuzzies and other moments so sweet you'll get cavities if you're not careful. But growing up, this was my all-time favorite genre of movies. My mom and I would make a habit of watching the latest and greatest book from Nicholas Sparks come to life, and I regularly rewatched my favorite 3 rom-coms anytime I was feeling down.

But then, I got married. When I finally got to live my love story in person instead of always dreaming about it through the lens of text messages and Skype calls, I fell in love with our definition of romance and turned my back on the sickly sweet nonsense that I used to crave. I realized how fake and impossible most of it would be in the real world and how no one has conversations like they do in the movies. 

Romance looks a little different for every individual (I'm still waiting for a real proposal where he uses the words "will you marry me?" and gets down on one knee). For the most part, it really is the little things, though. Love notes can be on post-its. Flowers and chocolates can translate into your favorite treats. Rose petals scattered all over the bathroom with candles lining the filled bathtub can mean your person did all the chores so you have time to spend on yourself. 

Whatever you value, that's romance for you. One day I'll have my corny proposal with a candy ring and all our fur children will be there. It'll be just us, and no one will have to know (but I'll tell you guys ;) ). And it'll be perfect because that's romance to me. But you know what's even more romantic than all of your best imaginings? Communication. If you never take the time to tell your person what you want and what you like, you're only hurting yourself. You have to ask for what you want. We aren't mind-readers, people.

What are some of your cutesy stories? How do you show love to your person? Have you taken the time to make sure you're on the same page?