Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day (yuck, I know)

As we all know, Valentine's Day was yesterday. Many of us exchanged the usual gifts: flowers, chocolates, teddy bears. Some fancy dinners were planned and attended. Maybe some movies were watched. But then I know several several ladies who spent this holiday alone. I don't want you all to feel left out or that this post isn't also for you because let me tell you about how my Valentine's Day went.

The night before, Roger and I got into some silly disagreement (a pretty regular occurence as of late, stupid hormones). And because of that, I threw his present at him early which is a no no in his book. Holidays have to be on their respective days whereas I think the whole thing is a money-making scheme. He refused to open his letters until the appropriate days, but the teddy bear was pretty obvious. I didn't sleep much at all that night thanks to my lungs deciding they'd rather misbehave every time I tried to lie down.

Now, it's the big day. VALENTINE'S DAY. Ya, ya, ya. But you know what? I got to sleep in. Roger took the dogs for me so I could nap all day to catch up on my zzz's. He woke me up with a kiss because he read his first letter, the one that said he had to come kiss me (wish I would've known I'd have been sleeping when I wrote it). He asked me if I liked my presents. Sleepy me was very confused. Apparently he snuck in earlier and left them at the foot of the bed. By them, I mean the biggest teddy bear I've ever gotten and the largest heart-shaped box of chocolates he could find. How I was completely oblivious, I have no idea.

Our original plans were fancy dinner and a movie, but thanks to the silly fight, I called that off the day before. My sickness made me grateful for my rash decision. We did get takeout and rewatch a movie on the comfort of our own couch with my favorite puppy cuddles, though. But you know what? That was the best Valentine's Day I've had so far. It may not have been spectacularly expensive or well thought out, but after spending the first two apart, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Third time really was the charm after all.

So now I want to know how you all spent your Valentine's Days. Did you spend yours on the phone with your loved ones or at an extravagant dinner? Did you do something unique? And is anyone with me about holidays being too focused on the gifts, or is everyone on my husband's side?

P.S. For anyone wondering when I'll start posting about my dogs' antics, the next post is exactly what you want to read. And if you need a good laugh, it's worth your time. I promise.