Monday, September 14, 2015

Mission Statement

Here it goes. Finally defining what it is that College Drop Out Success Story: In The Making is here to say. Honestly, this is one of those things that I know I should have done in the very beginning, but I wasn't 100% sure what all I wanted to write about. And without further ado:

The College Drop Out Success Story: In The Making is here to encourage everyone to live life to the fullest and to live exactly the life they want to lead. 
We don't have to be and do the things we're "supposed" to be and do. We are all entitled to find our own happiness instead of the happiness prescribed to us by others.

With that being said, a lot of this will be looked through the lens of my own personal experiences as that is how I am able to relate to the world. Tips and tricks and methodology will either be something that I have seen work in my own life or in the lives of others.

I promise to always provide content that is either uplifting, helpful, or deviant in some way (maybe a mix of all three). I promise to always be available and within reach (though I am pretty limited in the languages I am able to read and write).

In line with that, I have made a new email address exclusively for this blog so if you ever need to talk or have any questions, you can feel free to email me at, or you can always find me on Facebook at and shoot me a private message.

I can't wait to grow with you all now that we have a direction and some loose guidelines. If ever there is something you want to see, don't hesitate to make that suggestion! After all, I am here for all of you :)