Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bumpdate #20 (27 weeks)

Time is flying by! I really feel like it was just yesterday I was writing last week's bumpdate. 3 more weeks, and we'll be 3/4 of the way through! Only real complaint is now that I'm finally really showing instead of in that awkward in between stage, there was a customer at work who told me I look like I'm about to pop. Like, no. Definitely not, crazy lady. And then she got legitimately offended that I did not know the status of my baby's genitalia. People. Blech.


Your immune system is still well on its way which explains why my nose has been dripping so bad, little thief taking all of Mommy's immunity for yourself. You're still practicing "breathing" with your incomplete lungs, but they're still growing, too! You've moved up at the same consistent growth of adding half an inch and a quarter of a pound so now you're the size of a cauliflower! (14.5 inches and 2 pounds)


I'm finally sleeping again which has been awesome. Even the dogs have been cooperating and letting me sleep in when I can. Still waking up covered in booby juice, but I got a wonderful package from my sister full of maternity clothes including a nursing bra with WASHABLE nursing pads. Score!

Did you prefer washable or disposable (pads, wipes, etc.)? I think I'm going to like the crossover nursing style as opposed to the clips, what did you like? Did your partner start to lose interest in the pregnancy phase and anticipate the baby phase, or did your partner stay in the moment the whole time?