Sunday, June 11, 2017

Bumpdate #31 (38 weeks)

We're here! We're on baby watch! I was born two weeks early as my mom's first baby so we'll see what happens! And today is my last day of work :/ so many mixed emotions about that. As much as I'm glad to have this time to focus exclusively on baby preparation and resting, I'm going to miss the people at work. But hey, so long as everything goes to plan, I can always go back!


You're still considered early term this week, but all systems are go! Your reflexes are in place to get you through the early days while we're both learning together. Your brain is still developing as it will continue to do throughout your life. You're still putting on weight and practicing your breathing, and you've had hiccups less frequently. You're also as big as a leek now! It's crazy to think how many inches of baby are curled up inside my uterus. As much as we were starting to think you were going to come early, I would really prefer you make it to July after all to give us time to work on what we learned about me this week.


I found out at the chiropractor that my pelvis is tilted too far forward which means my bones are blocking this baby from getting into a better birthing position. In addition to our once daily inversions, we're now adding 2-3 times daily pelvic tilts. I have also started paying even more attention to how my pelvis is positioned while standing and doing my best to keep it in a more neutral position. Thanks to all of that and my first ever Webster's adjustment, my lower back and round ligaments have been pretty sore. We see the chiropractor again on Tuesday to check our progress. Fingers crossed for good news! And apparently my blood pressure was a little elevated for a couple days last week because my head wasn't feeling too great. But other than that, the BH have continued everyday with 4 in one day being the most I've had. Heartburn is still calmed down for the most part. Fatigue has definitely set in hard.

Who all had a first baby come early? Anyone have any other tips or tricks from Spinning Babies they'd like to share? Anyone have tips for surviving a long back labor?