Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bumpdate #30 (37 weeks)

Today is my baby shower! Woohoo! I know we're cutting it a little close, but it should still be fun. Junky food, friends and family, fun and games. And pedicures with my mommy and sissy tomorrow :)


Depending on which app you look at, you could be considered term today. I like the idea of calling the time from weeks 37-39 "early term" meaning you would most likely be completely fine coming any day now, but hanging out for the extra couple weeks to give your lungs and brain a little more time is totally fine, too! It feels like you're spending more time in the middle and on the left, but you're still not very settled into an anterior position. I'm hoping you'll flip around before I end up having to go through the more painful ordeal of laboring an ROT or LOT baby. But hey, still better than posterior! You're also about as long as swiss chard now, still just growing into yourself. Can't wait to see how much hair you have.


This week I have been feeling very run down. My hips are killing me. If I sleep without a pillow between my knees, I am miserable (chiropractor for the win!). My leg muscles are sore and tight and crampy. I have Braxton Hicks contractions almost everyday. I've had a weird cough. My sleep has been very all over the place, and I've lost motivation. I have had to pee so much more often just from getting punched in the bladder that it's like if I feel even the slightest bit of fullness in my bladder, I'm heading to the bathroom to stay ahead of the baby. All of this is to say I'm starting to think we won't have our July baby after all, and I'm not ready to say good-bye to this chapter. I have been planning on going 41 weeks this whole time, but my always head-down nugget seems to have other plans.

For those who have been following the pictures closely, does it look like I've dropped yet? When did you go on baby watch and start really paying attention to your body for labor signs?