Saturday, February 21, 2015

Being Sick is The Worst

I am usually one of those people that never gets sick. If it's a little cough or a headache, I don't even acknowledge it. So when I do get sick, I get SICK. Like don't touch me, my breath is poisonous sick. To top it off I have a really high pain tolerance which isn't always a blessing. It takes me altoghether too long to realize I'm hurting or that what's going on with my body is serious and needs medical attention.

That being said, I've been minorly sick on and off for a couple weeks and majorly sick for about a week now. I have been staying inside, mostly in bed, doing a whole lot of nothing and pretending to sleep. However, one day I decided to be brave and cook dinner. Before I could do that, I had to go to the store to pick up a few things: orange juice, jalapeƱo peppers, dog treats, a new power strip. I started preparing the dried beans so I could use them in my burritos, and then I'm off to the store.

I get everything on my list and get completely checked out before realizing I locked my keys in the car, and Roger's at work so he can't bail me out. After getting off the phone with our roommate to come help me I remember I left the beans cooking on the stove. He gets to the store in a timely fashion, we get a wire hanger to try to unlock my car, and I forgot to turn off the stove. AGAIN. The wire hanger is a complete bust so I call a locksmith who got stuck in traffic trying to get to my car.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have never locked your keys in your car, most locksmiths take cash only. I don't carry cash. He had to call his boss to see if they could run my card over the phone. Thankfully that all works out. So we're finally home with both cars. We get all the groceries upstairs, and I see the oven still on. Nothing's boiling over so small victory there.

Now since I got the dogs some treats, I decide to give the kitten a treat. Alma has terrible mouth-eye coordination. Instead of eating the treat, she punctures two holes into my thumb that bled more than they should have. The dogs think the bandaid is a weird treat and won't stop trying to chew my thumb off to get it.

Moral of the story, know your limits. I hadn't been doing anything for a week because I knew I was too sick and tired to concentrate. Friends and family exist for a reason (unless someone has a tiny baby at home, then don't you dare risk getting the little person sick).

And now that we have all read the word "sick" more times than is necessary, how has everyone been handling this winter? Anyone have any home remedies to recommend? Please tell me I'm not the only one with embarrasing stories XD