Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It All Started in a Restaurant

Last month, or it may have even been February, I was invited to one of those dinners hosted by a rep of Martinsburg College. Mostly, I was there for the free food. What can I say? Food is definitly a thing. As the evening progressed, the information piqued my interest. The food was served and consumed, most everyone had already left, and there I was: pleasantly conversing with the lady about MyCAA and trying to choose a totally free program I could take to better my business.

We decided to regroup at Starbuck's when it was earlier in the day to give me time to think everything over and talk with my husband. The courses were all online, work at your own pace, and completely covered by my military spouse's scholarship. And the best part is they are no where near as long as college. I was (and am) sold.

Our Starbuck's date arrives, and we continue our conversation over coffee and hot chocolate (not a vegan beverage, I know). She told me that it only takes an hour a day, Monday-Friday, to complete the course within the 8-month timeframe, but even then most people can finish it in 6! I am definitely more of a fast paced person when it comes to things like work and school so I love that there is no penalty (and it is actually encouraged) to finish early.

As the first hour draws to a close, I have started all the paperwork and applications and am pretty well ready to start. That little trip to the coffee shop offered a new chapter in my life that I wouldn't have had otherwise. And to think, I was only there for the free food.

Has anyone else taken a course thanks to MyCAA? What opportunities are you pursuing? Anyone else take courses to better their direct sales businesses or blogs?