Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Day in the Life of... The Fur Children!

I just realized that I really haven't actually written anything about my lovely fur children since The Day I Got Pantsed in The Middle of The Street so here is a little recap of what they've been up to.

Let's start with Aura since she is our oldest fur baby. First off, she is Roger's daughter through and through. She definitely picked him as her preferred parent. Secondly, she doesn't have the harness in this picture anymore. I did a bad thing and left it out in her reach, and the buckles have since been digested. But anywho, Aura is now a certified Emotional Support Pet for me. As an empath I have a lot of emotions and anxieties, and Aura is my rock in the storm. Thanks to her I am finally getting good at differentiating between my bad feelings and the bad feelings of others so I don't get overwhelmed nearly as often as I used to.

Next up is Achilles. Achilles will officially be ten months old tomorrow and a year old July 14th. And let me tell you, this picture pretty much sums up our relationship. Even as I'm writing this post he has his head resting on my arm. He is my shadow. Wherever I go through the apartment, he is sure to follow. Or he'll lie down outside the door until I open it. As soon as I finally get home from work, he has to be touching me, or he won't sleep. He'll keep pacing in the bed until he finds a spot that fits him leaning up next to me. Where Aura is my rock, Achilles is the light in my dark days

Finally, we have Alma, our latest addition to the family. Little Alma is my sob story. This precious girl was found three weeks old with a dead momma cat and her three siblings. Thankfully a lady whose cat gave birth around the same time Alma's litter was born took them in. Her momma cat suddenly had eight kittens to nurse, but she loved them all just fine. Alma may or may not have FIV. She tested negative for leukemia which is good, but it's pretty much a waiting game to see if she will continue having little sneezing fits regularly or if it was just seasonal allergies like Achilles and I have.

And that's my story. These are my silly, crazy munchkins that keep life always interesting.