Sunday, May 3, 2015

May Goals '15

I am going to have to start with April did not go as planned, and I failed to meet most of the goals. But that's what happens when you have poor time management skills. I was doing pretty well in the beginning of the month, but then Husband went to Enid for a couple weeks which threw off our household. I didn't make the adjustment very well.

But this month will be different! This month, I will be making a lot of progress in all areas.

  • Get a reader survey out there
  • Make progress on the househunt and try to write about that journey
  • Continue making the blog a greater priority and spend more time on it
  • Start planning farther ahead and utilize my planner
So those are my blogging goals for May! What are some of your goals? Anyone need an accountability partner as badly as I do?