Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Deepest Apologies

I'm sorry! I hope you guys didn't miss me last week. Everything started happening all at once, and all my threads got tangled up and unravelled. But I'm straightening everything back out again, and can't wait to continue on this journey with you all!

My schedule at work got changed yet again, but expect my planner pics to be up on Instagram later this week! ;) (you see that? put a deadline to it so I'll actually be accomplishing this) That new job opportunity fell through while a new one opened up at my current work. I'm not excited yet, but my fire for direct sales has been rekindled.

When I start having themed days, those of you not interested in makeup will be able to avoid reading on those days just like those who don't want the DIY stuff can avoid those days! As my schedule returns to normal, I expect to be able to plan out more writings and get even more organized! BUT I want to try hosting a photo challenge for September to celebrate my anniversary!!

House news has been very positive. The house is so not built yet that I actually get to pick out everything, possibly including the siding as well! I get a somewhat custom house without having to actually build one for my first house :) The blessings are pretty immense on that front.

The animals are doing great. Husband has started seriously planning for life after the Marine Corps. The transition to civilian life is looking like it won't be overly stressful (it is still over a year away). Family drama is as it always will be: ever present but time zones away.

How was everyone's week last week? Any small goals being met? Any new goals to be set?