Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On Elephants and Family

I saw this video on Facebook on Friday, and it hit me right in the feelings. It was a video showing how a mother elephant attacked her newborn baby elephant. They say that the mother may have tried to kill her son so that way he wouldn't have to live the same sad life that she has in the zoo, and that thought really resonated with me.

I am of the opinion that I do not want to purposefully have children. The thought ties me up in knots inside. This world is getting more and more dangerous (and stupid, thanks a lot my generation) with every passing year. I can't imagine what horrors will be commonplace by the time my child(ren) would be old enough to comprehend and participate in life outside our family and friends. It terrifies me.

So you know what? I feel for that momma elephant. Life is rough, and it's really hard to carve out a meaningful existence that doesn't feel like a waste of purpose and talent. I understand her thoughts of not wanting to purposefully put her beloved child through that.

But at the same time, I know I would have the exact opposite reaction that she had. I wouldn't abort my baby. I would go full-class sMother. That child would be suffocated with love and affection until the desire to practice independence kicks in. Those first two years of life will go by way faster than I could ever want. Those nine months of pregnancy where the baby is safe from the dangers of the world would be like the blink of an eye.

After the abuse, the video cuts to the baby crying inconsolably, tears staining his angel face. They say he cried for 5 hours. I don't blame him. I cried pretty hard, too. Babies are so precious, and all life matters. Everything in nature is a delicate balance. All things are fighting just to achieve homeostasis. And he had his entire world ripped away from him at Day 1.

Family is sacred, you guys. Cherish it. Whether it's the family you're born with or the family you choose, protect your people. Stand up for your people. Support your people. They, the people who love us, are what really matters and what makes this all worth it.

How do you like to show your people that you love them? What are some of your favorite bonding activities? How do you prepare your little ones to face the world?