Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Goals '15

Update on how June went: we didn't actually close on a house yet haha. But we ended up picking a new construction that's not built yet so we have time. In addition, this means we probably won't be doing a lot of house makeover projects, probably just landscape/furniture projects instead.

My schedule got changed at work too many times to count so I wasn't very good about sharing and maintaining interaction, but now I have a set schedule (even if I get the other job my schedule will still be set just during opposite hours of the day) so I'm pretty hopeful about getting it all together. AND I plan on finally utilizing my planner!! Expect pics up on Instagram.

Also, Our First and Last Huzzah went pretty well :) except Husband gave away like all of the meat food so he had no leftover burgers to take to work like I was planning. But other than that, we're just trucking along trying to get everything together to move.

Now for the July goals: definitely utilize the planner and try to keep making progress in the house and blog interaction. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth! I'll be working all night so have a little extra fun for me!

Speaking of, what are everyone's Fourth of July plans? Anyone got big plans for the rest of summer? What's new on your horizons?