Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bumpdate #14 (21 weeks)

I have officially started up at my job which is a job I had years before. What's funny is it was my last job I had in this town before I left for college, and now it's my first since being back. Isn't that crazy how the world works sometimes? We had another appointment with the midwife. Measuring right on track. Heart beat was a solid 150 again so you're staying consistent. You also don't seem to like the doppler because you kept kicking at it.


Your digestive system is coming together. Soon you'll start practicing swallowing amniotic fluid so you should be able to start tasting some of the foods I'm eating. Like bananas of which you are now the size, and you're almost a whole pound! You're going to be doing a lot of growing each week from here on out. You're also starting to respond to us. I can talk to you, and you'll move more. You seem to know when it's me versus daddy poking at you because you always stop kicking when it's him. If I poke at you, you jab me back. Already showing signs of sass so you're definitely your mother's child XD poor Husband. He's going to have his hands full.


I've noticed I get overheated really easily which is crazy because it's February and not that hot yet. Depending on the day, it's even cold. I've started having to watch and make sure that I've eaten pretty recently if I have any kind of exertion planned. Either you don't really care for me standing all day, or my abdominal tone is greater than I thought it was, and I can't feel you moving unless I'm seated/lying down and relaxed.

Have you noticed any traits from your baby's time in utero that carried through to after birth? Are the night owls still night owls outside the oven? How far along were you when your partner and/or other people were able to feel the baby moving? How far along before others could hear the heartbeat by just putting their ear to your belly?