Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bumpdate #13 (20 weeks)

OMG OMG OMG!! I can't believe it! Halfway there! This is such a surreal feeling. Especially since with all the moving and getting settled nonsense we really haven't started planning overly much for Baby. But hey, we still have 20 weeks that we can use as baby time.


Wednesday (19w3d) we had the biggest kick fest we've had so far! You were moving around every few minutes. Then I started thinking to you (Daddy and the dogs were sleeping, and I didn't want to be loud and have to get out of bed), and then you started rolling over and kicking off of my uterus. It was minutes of solid movement. But the coolest part about this week is you have grown 2 ounces and half an inch so now you're the size of a small cantaloupe. You're going to start growing pretty noticeably from here on out. Additionally, you've started making meconium which just shows that your digestive system is right on track, and your skin is covered in vernix to keep you safe!


My ligaments have been doing a stellar job of loosening up. So much so that the other day, my hip felt just slightly out of alignment and was absolutely killing me. Standing was not my friend for about an hour. My appetite has picked up like nobody's business so hopefully I can start putting on weight. I used to think I ate a lot, but now I eat a lot and all the time. Which seems to also have brought on terrible gas. I'm really hoping that yesterday's newest symptom (insomnia) is as fleeting as that one day of dizziness because I really like sleep. Sleep is great, and there's not a whole lot of it in my future.

Last little thing, I have my baby registry pretty well done! However, if you know the things on the list can be bought cheaper through somewhere else, by all means, save money. You are all awesome for supporting us through this journey. What do you think, did I leave out any essentials? When did the kicks and movements start getting more consistent for you? What helps you the most with back pain?