Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bumpdate #27 (34 weeks)

OMG! It's getting so close to baby watch time! As much as I really think this baby is going to be late, I can't stop thinking about how I was born 2 weeks early. We could be 4 weeks away from having a baby! And it's our first Mother's Day. What a day.


You definitely scared me making me think you were breech or transverse, but it's just the way you kick, you cause your butt to shove into me at the same time. Which by the way, if you could keep your butt out of my ribcage, that'd be great. Your vernix is getting thicker this week, and your lungs are starting to mature! A couple more weeks until breathing won't be such a questionable act for you to accomplish. You're about as heavy as a cantaloupe now, and your growth has leveled back out again. You're still very much so a right-sided baby with your head almost all the way down into my pelvis, and you've been more active this week than last week.


We finally have stretch marks on the belly! I realize most people would not be excited about this, but I am ecstatic that I have physical proof that a vegan pregnancy is just as normal as an omni pregnancy. My baby is having growth spurts and doing all the right things just like I knew we would. Heartburn is almost a daily struggle now, and I have a second hemorrhoid which sucks. I'm either going to start applying coconut oil or invest in some witch hazel since I'll want it post birth anyway. Or both. It just blows my mind because I poop more pregnant than I ever did before, and I am definitely not constipated so it has to be because of increased blood volume and flow. My blood pressure was slightly elevated at this last visit, but it could've just been an off day. A couple weeks, and we'll know if it's starting to be a more consistent thing.

How many of you did have your first baby early? How many of you still hadn't had your baby shower this far along (like me)? Anyone have any cures for hemorrhoids?