Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bumpdate #28 (35 weeks)

Ahhh!!! Time is still just flying by! On the plus side we finally have all the baby furniture put together. Now just to finish organizing the other room, and we'll be good to go! Just over a month left until our guess date. And we finally got our maternity pictures done :) I can't wait to get them back; I'm so excited!


You're still moving around quite frequently throughout the day, and some of your stronger movements are giving me an opportunity to practice relaxing. Your kidneys are fully developed, and your liver can process some waste. Nearly all systems are a go! You're also about as heavy as a honeydew melon and putting on the pounds. If you are born now, chances are that you wouldn't even need to stay in the NICU at all :)


Really not much new for me this week. Still doing what we've been doing. I will say I'm starting to get more tired at work, but I'm also getting more hours lately thanks to it being summertime so it could easily be a combination of both simply working more and carrying around an ever growing baby.

For those of you that had maternity pictures done, are you glad you did? At what point did the final month start to stretch on and on for you? Anyone have a baby still flipping head up to down this close to term?