Monday, January 30, 2017

Bumpdate #12 (19 weeks)

Woohoo! Things are finally all coming together for us. We move into a place of our own in a couple days. I am so glad that everything is looking up. It alleviates so much of my stress. Now if I could just find a job for me, then everything would be done.


This week is definitely brain week for you. Your brain has started to develop specialized zones for all five senses, and your motor neurons are making so many more connections. Bring on the conscious movements! Maybe now you'll start jumping around for foods that make sense instead of yawning for juice and getting excited about vegetables XD. You're also officially half a pound now and the size of a heirloom tomato!


I have finally come to terms with the fact that pregnancy makes my hair dry and gross. I really thought it was just that Colorado climate, but now that it has been a month since we've been there and my hair still looks like straw, it's definitely just pregnancy. Exhaustion still comes and goes. Nausea has been making an appearance again, but no throwing up recently. With my boobs being visibly uneven, I'm probably going to be asking the midwife about breast pump shields to try to figure out what sizes to get for each boob. Also, I really don't look pregnant at all. Still just look like I ate too much at Christmas and haven't stopped being bloated. I just want to be able to plan for my maternity pictures!

Anyone have any tips for home hair treatments? When did you start showing with your first? What are some of the foods that you remember your LO getting excited for in utero? And did he/she still like that food out in the world?