Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bumpdate #22 (29 weeks)

Y'all. I know I've said this before, but seriously. Time is flying. The nesting is starting to kick in. I have a cleaning/organizational project in mind for each week for the next 4 weeks so hopefully the only things I'll have left to do for the last month and a half or so is all labor preparation and collecting birth supplies. We have almost all of the essentials, now just to plump out our diaper and clothing stashes!


You've had the hiccups twice so far! Such a cutie. You have settled on a normal day schedule and do a lot of your sleeping at night when I do. You are so active and using all of your 15+ inches to kick me in the lungs while there's still enough room for you to move around. You're starting to accumulate white fat now in addition to the brown fat you already have so your skin is getting less wrinkly. Your head is getting bigger to make room for more of that rapid brain development you started last week. You're now up to the size of a butternut squash and about the third of your final weight.


I'm up to 155 pounds so I'm at 19-21 pounds up on my pre-pregnancy weight! My boobs are still growing right along with my belly. Energy is still staying pretty consistent even though my sleeping has gotten worse. Now instead of just having trouble staying asleep, I'm having a hard time falling asleep. We're also now at the point that sleeping on my back is unbearable. I used to be able to prop up a little and make it work, but it wrecks my lower back now to even attempt.

Did your baby have the hiccups often? Did that transfer through to life outside the womb? When did the nesting really start for you?