Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bumpdate #24 (31 weeks)

Happy belated birthday to me!  (it was the 21st in case anyone wants to know) It was awesome. My mommy came to town and surprised me by bringing my daddy, too!! We got to do so much catching up and just being together. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend as well :)


You've settled into a more regular sleep pattern. You tend to have pretty consistent active times as well. But my favorite development this week is you recognize Daddy's voice and prefer him over other people around me. When he finally got home from his training, you were so excited to hear him. You wouldn't kick or move around for other people like my mom, but as soon as you hear Daddy again, you start kicking up a storm. Your irises are now able to dilate with light even though you really aren't able to practice that in your dark world. You're about 16 inches long now (about the size of a bunch of asparagus), and you take full advantage of your length by stretching from my left hip to my right lung


I keep forgetting that I have a belly because I really haven't gained any weight anywhere except the three lumps on my front side so I keep bumping into things/people and forgetting that I don't fit through spaces like I used to. I feel so bad for everyone at work because they're usually my victims XD. And I had to take the belly ring out this week since it was starting to get painful. Made it 3/4 of the way through with it!
Other than that, though, not much else new.

For your pregnancy, did you notice that you had more changes in the beginning and baby had more towards the end? When did you have your baby shower? When did your baby start recognizing people other than you?