Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bumpdate #25 (32 weeks)

Y'all, I really, really like my job. I haven't had the pleasure of working for such amazing and considerate people like this before. It's going to be hard to not go back. Hopefully we can figure something out so I can still work there because of how much I enjoy it. But back to baby stuff! We've got our maternity shoot booked, and it'll be the same photographer for the birth! It's getting so close!!!


You're starting to lose your lanugo which is great! You'll look quite person-like without all that extra fuzz. Your skin and hair are becoming soft and smooth. From here on out, you're mostly just putting on weight and fine-tuning your existing systems. Lungs still need more time for sure, and I think the breathing practice must be getting tricky for you considering how often you have gotten the hiccups lately. Poor baby. You're still very firmly on the right side of my uterus and pretty active, but your kicks and elbows have lost their wallop now that you're running out of room. My fundal height grew 4 centimeters in 2 weeks (holy cow!!!), and your heart rate has mellowed down to around 130. You're about the size of a large jicama now (16.7 inches, over 3 pounds).


The only really new thing with me is I can't spend any time on my back including leaning back while sitting because it causes some serious lower-mid back pain and hinders my breathing. Heartburn has gotten progressively worse and more frequent. Still no stretch marks anywhere aside from my boobs. As this pregnancy progresses and the places where my hip piercings were continue to stretch out, I have realized it's a good thing that they got ripped out before they ended up just falling out XD.

How many growth spurts did your baby have? When did you notice the movements becoming less vicious? Did you have a maternity photo shoot?