Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bumpdate #23 (30 weeks)

70 days. 10 weeks. That's all that's left until our guess date arrives. Baby will probably get here sometime after that, but still. We're in the final stretch! Appointments are every 2 weeks now.


You are so active now, it's blowing my mind. We can see your movements even when I'm standing. Truth be told, I'm a little excited for when you get too big to have as much force behind all those elbows you keep throwing. You're focusing mostly on putting on weight this week. Your eyesight is still progressing, but even by the time you're born, it'll only be 20/400 (I know that pain, mine has been way worse for most of my life). You're about 15.75 inches long and almost 3 pounds now which is about as big as a cabbage!


There really isn't much new with me other than the belly keeps growing. So far, only new stretch marks are still on my boobs which are still leaking through the night. Passed the GD test, though! The only thing that's needing some extra attention is my iron which is very borderline. I haven't been craving ice at all so at least I have avoided that pregnancy craving!

Were you anemic through pregnancy? What did you do (if anything) to correct it? How prepared did you feel when you hit the 3/4 mark?