Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bumpdate #11 (18 weeks)

I started tracking my protein intake this week. I'll be releasing a "What I Eat" post sometime this week to show what diet in a vegan pregnancy can look like. Also got my blood work results back from the midwife. The only nutrient I am truly lacking is Vitamin D (my level was at 6 when it should be over 30). It's just too cold for me to hang out outside so I'm going to have to start supplementing. On to the good stuff!


Sweet potato baby! You're getting so big! And your bones are getting much more solid so we'll definitely start feeling more of you. What's the coolest thing for you this week is your inner ear bones are solidifying, too! Daddy's got all kinds of stories to tell you, Little One.


The biggest news I have for you all is I started lactating last night (17w6d)! Blew my own mind. I had no idea FTMs who are not around crying babies could lactate this early. Starting to feel flutters and taps most days now. My dreams are getting more insane, but they're making me even more excited and protective of this baby.

For all the mommies, when did you start lactating? When did you feel your first flutters? First kicks?