Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bumpdate #8 (15 weeks)

Holy hormones! This week has been crazy for me. I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve. We stayed up playing Nuts with another married couple. The wife is pregnant, too, so we were in the same no alcohol boat together. It was a blast. No resolutions for me. I do better with gradual life change than trying to do something all at once and getting burned out on it. But if anyone needs an accountability partner for their resolutions, let me know!


You're the size of a navel orange now! Holy cow, look at you grow! You're also starting to work on growing the rest of your head hair and your lanugo. Hopefully you come out with as much hair as I did *fingers crossed*. Your skin is still translucent and thin so your blood vessels would actually be visible if we could see you. You're also working on those motor skills even more, and you may even have started sucking your thumb!


I have been emotional like no one's business this week. My belly button is starting to stick out which is going to look pretty interesting with my belly ring as we continue to grow! Additionally, I can really feel my uterus now, no maybe's. It's a crazy feeling, but I guess I've been feeling like they're all crazy feelings this week XD

That's all for now! What did you do for New Year's Eve? Do you have any resolutions you want to share?