Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bumpdate #4 (11 weeks)

Hi everybody! Moving is stressful. But I had an epiphany earlier in the week about the essential oils I have in my house. Peppermint on my back wipes out my lower back/pelvic pain so fast. I can't believe I keep forgetting about those bottles of awesomeness. Let's get this show on the road!


The bases of your hair and fingernails has grown in. So are your tooth buds. Calcium is pretty important the next couple weeks since your bones are starting to harden. You definitely look like a soft, tiny person now.


My morning sickness is finally over! The only times I throw up now is because of the BV pills (which taste terrible). I have heard there is a cream. I may invest in getting switched to that. I am already at that phase of pregnancy where gravity pulls the baby out so by the end of the day, I've got quite the bump. I feel like I've had post-nasal drip for a couple weeks now which sucks. But other than that, still got the sore boobies that keep growing, too.

Anyone have any home remedies for post-nasal drip? And are there any essential oils one should avoid while pregnant (I just have the Young Living 10 oil starter kit)? The public library here doesn't have a very good selection on essential oil guide books. I've been diluting all the ones I've been using with organic coconut oil until we get moved, and I can get my hands on a different library. Until next week!