Sunday, December 18, 2016

Guess Who Is Joining the Mommy Club!

That's right! October 27 I took a home pregnancy test. The test line appeared immediately. Positive for pregnancy. I had so many emotions go through me at the same time. I plan on going to see a doctor tomorrow (November 2) to get the for sure confirmation that this isn't ectopic and all that good stuff. Plus I'll have a better idea about how far along I am! My cycles are SUPER long - I average 38-40 days per cycle - so I don't trust traditional pregnancy wheels. Husband is beyond ecstatic, and his protectiveness is kicking in to overdrive.


Not really sure what's going on with Rainbow. I'm sure he's just doing his best to get his little heart beating if it isn't already. He's somewhere between the size of a peppercorn and a walnut, though (guesstimating of course).


This kid is wearing me out already. Apparently tiredness runs in the family, and it has definitely knocked me on my butt lately. If I have something to do or somewhere to be, I'm good. But trying to be productive and work out like I'm supposed to is hard! On the plus side, my family also doesn't really experience morning sickness so we'll see if that holds true for me as well! Definitely getting nauseous thanks to smells. Boobs are super tender, and they're already getting bigger. Minor cramping. Lastly, I was already a crier to begin with, but movies are getting to me worse than usual.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! We spent our first Halloween together relaxing at home and making mommy fall asleep in every chair in the living room. XD That's all for now!

Oh, does anyone have a pregnancy app that they would recommend? I am having the hardest time finding one I really like. It has to have the cute factor, or I won't stick with it.