Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bumpdate #6 (13 weeks)

We have done so much driving this week, it's insane. We drove from North Carolina all the way to Colorado to visit my family. Originally, Husband and I both were going to be snowboarding on this little trip, but I fall so much that it's going to be just him on the mountain. We ended up leaving a day later than planned and driving through a snowstorm probably wasn't the smartest idea, but we made it! And that's what counts. Time for some much needed time with my parents whom I don't get to see often enough. But hey, now we're only one time zone apart so visiting should be much easier!


Your head is starting to look more proportionate to the rest of your body instead of being most of your being, and you're working on your motor skills! Stretching, flexing, testing things out. You're as big as a peach now.


I'm starting to feel pretty good. I was looking through some of my progress shots from earlier this year when I was really working out, and the bump isn't that different from then so it's still mostly water retention and intestines poking out. No surprise considering how tiny you still are. But sometimes I really feel you. Another plus of Colorado, though, it is so dry here my nose has stopped running. Until next time!