Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bumpdate #5 (12 weeks)

Woot woot! 12 week mark! OMG this week has been stressful. I am doing my absolute best to not let the stress get to me, but moving sucks! Whoever decided moving while pregnant was a good idea (it was me) needs to have her decision-making license revoked. But anywho, this one is going to be extra special. In honor of the last week of the first trimester, we're going to throw in as many Old Wives' Tales on gender prediction as I can find! It's going to be great. But first, business as usual.


When I had that ultrasound, you were definitely on my right side, but it feels like you've shifted to be more centrally located. Or I'm just making things up in my head since you're still only the size of a lime. You're moving your little legs around, and your intestines are safely inside your body where they're supposed to be.


Epiphany part two of essential oils, putting Thieves and peppermint on my feet and then wearing socks all night has caused all the runny snot to solidify. Pro, no more drainage. Con, I have to wake up to blow my nose so I can keep breathing. But hey! Progress. I'm feeling less scattered which is incredible considering the moving thing. Keeping on track has been an uphill battle.

Gender Guesses:

Morning sickness - about 2-3 weeks worth, GIRL
Moodiness - I don't think I have been exceptionally moody except when I'm super tired, but I'm sure Husband would disagree so we'll call this one UNDECIDED
Heartbeat - 171 bpm, GIRL
Craving - savory foods, BOY
Husband's weight gain - hasn't gained any so far at least, BOY
Acne - yes, GIRL
Clumsier - yes, BOY
Necklace/wedding ring - circles, GIRL
Chinese calendar - GIRL
Mayan gender predictor - odd, odd, GIRL
Baking soda test - almost no fizz, GIRL

Are there any other tales I've missed? I never got to see my ultrasound so the Ramzi theory is out. Any guesses from you? We'll find out in June!